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Is LED display production process manufacturing or discrete manufacturing?

Time:2020-10-15 View:230

LED is the abbreviation of light emitting diode, which is a kind of semiconductor diode, which can convert electrical energy into light energy. LED originated in the 1960s and developed rapidly in the 1990s. Many LED related products have been produced: LED strips, LED flashlights, LED pendant lamps, LED displays, etc. And these LED products have been quickly applied to various fields around the world in a short period of time. LED displays have also become the mainstream carrier tools for information release such as shopping malls, billboards, facade signs, and large square screens. So what are the LED displays The functions are organized by Magic Light-some are for your reference.

The first is its information publishing function:

1. It can intelligently display various text animation information such as time, date, weather, etc., just like a computer display screen, to achieve a variety of text moving effects.

2. The large screen base of the square, the publicity column of the unit and other places where the LED display is used can release some related information, such as some policies of the unit, some regulations of the hospital, etc.

3. It can be synchronized with the computer to display some animations on the computer, special text effects, and various playback effects, which can attract people to watch.

4. You can enter a variety of fonts, and you can adjust the shape and size of the font at will. You can enter the text of various countries, whether it is domestic or foreign trade. It can be used.

What are the functions of the LED display?

1. It can be synchronized with the camera to conduct clear live broadcast of various programs and activities.

2. It can play video files in different formats to meet the basic publicity requirements of various activities.

3. Use Line-Double function to convert interlaced pictures into non-interlaced pictures for motion compensation.

4. You can use the software to customize the brightness, saturation, chroma, contrast and other functions to achieve the best viewing effect.

5. For knowledge propaganda, broadcasting corporate information, etc.-some large-scale event propaganda has a very good attracting effect, and can attract different people to watch through a variety of display styles.

Its overall role:

As the information dissemination carrier of the new era, LED display has strong commercial value. Various enterprises will use it to realize cultural promotion, product information release, various publicity announcements and other information announcements. In various large

Type events, large-scale conferences, large-scale festival celebrations, etc.-some occasions can play a role in setting off the atmosphere, event information, important personnel list, program menus, etc.-some important text can be broadcast through the LED display


After the LED display is applied to store decoration, it can improve the quality of the store, especially the emerging electronics industry, which can give people a sense of technology and attract customers to watch.

As a carrier of product promotion, LED display screens can give people a more intuitive understanding than newspapers and TVs. Through diversified publicity, people can quickly understand the characteristics of the product, so as to achieve the greatest conversion.