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6 tips to teach you to identify the pros and cons of LED screen beads

Time:2020-10-15 View:166

The lamp bead is the most important component of the transparent LED display, and it is also the most used key component, which directly affects the use of the transparent LED screen. Thousands to tens of thousands of lamp beads are used per square meter of transparent screen, and lamp beads account for the largest proportion of the overall cost of LED transparent screens, ranging from 40% to 70%.

  For customers, they all hope to buy high-quality LED transparent screens. The use of inferior LED lamp beads will not only affect the display effect of the transparent screen, but also greatly reduce the life span. It is even prone to dead lights and large color differences. Therefore, the identification of lamp beads has also become a very important link. So how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of transparent LED display beads?

   1. Look at the bracket. Generally, the bracket is a silver-plated copper bracket. The advantage of the silver-plated copper bracket is that it dissipates heat quickly and can better dissipate the lamp beads with low resistance. Some merchants on the market will use ceramic brackets instead of silver-plated copper brackets, which have excellent thermal conductivity.

  2. Look at how many LM (lumens) your lamp can reach. LM (lumens) is a unit to measure the brightness of the lamp.

  3. Look at the luminescence to see if the luminescence is uniform and the color is consistent. The good quality of the lamp beads is very uniform and the color is consistent. Poor-quality lamp beads will have the phenomenon of one lamp bead bright and one lamp bead dark, and the luminous color is messy and uneven, and there will be obvious dark areas.

  4. Look at the chip and the size of the chip. The chip is the decisive factor for the quality of the lamp beads. Generally, the larger the chip, the stronger the stability, the higher the brightness, and the better the heat dissipation. This is the most important, because the chip directly determines the color rendering index, brightness, and anti-attenuation degree.

  5. Generally good products will use imported glue. The packaged LED lamp beads will not be deformed by hand, and the low-quality glue will deform or even crack when pressed.

  6. The color of the LED lamp beads with good packaging process quality is uniform, and the colloid consistency is good. This is inseparable from good machinery and equipment. Production machinery and equipment is a very critical factor. Good equipment can ensure the stability and consistency of the product in various procedures and ensure the yield of the product. The above is a small method to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of transparent full-color LED display beads. In addition, when choosing a transparent LED screen manufacturer, you must choose a formal, well-known, and powerful manufacturer. The product quality is assured, and a large number of cases have been done. Comprehensive integrated services for products and solutions.